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  • Why Should I Use Social Media?
    I mean look around you almost anyone and everyone is using social media. If my mom is using it….trust me everyone is. If your business operates around your community, or clients that from your city social media is definitely the way to go. Whether it’s making your brand more aware, getting out more sponsored content, or both, we can help!
  • What Social Platforms Should I Use?
    To give you the short answer, you should start with Facebook. Not only does facebook help you grow your brand and following online socially, but google actually rewards business that update their business facebook page consistently. I’m sure if you have even come to consider social media advertising you have come to know how influential, and impactful facebook has become to web and mobile users. Facebook also owns instagram so a lot of that influence also flows into their platform as well.
  • How Many Times A Week Should I Post?
    From past experience 2 times a week is probably the most ideal, but different social platforms have different demands. But speaking in reference to facebook and Instagram which are the most influential and powerful platforms your consumers twice a week is optimal. When you get into other platforms like piterest, twitter, and snapchat daily actions are most likely going to get you more of a following.
  • What's The Difference Between A Post, Boosted Post, And A Sponsored Ad?"
    Many business owners that we speak to don’t know there’s a difference between a Sponsored Ad and a boosted post, let alone a page post and paid social advertising. A post is content that you share with your followers on social media for them to view on your page or their newsfeed. An ad is a paid post to reach viewers outside of your fans and subscribers, and friends based on demographics and interests. Because most social media platforms have a limit to the number of people following you who can view the content of your business on their newsfeeds. We strongly suggest trying to promote interesting or relevant posts to ensure that more people will see them.
  • How Much Should I Be Spending On Social Media Marketing?
    Hmmm… putting an exact number on that question is different for every business, but of course there are general limits you should have. For example, you should at least spend $10 each day you advertise on Facebook. We're not putting ad spending behind everything we're releasing on social media platforms, but when we do, we run at least $25 behind our content. Of course, more spending will usually get you more outcomes, but a little can go a long way. At Narrowway we know that analytics is what gets you true results, so we recommend analyzing data and split testing campaigns at a lower budget before we increase your output for more leads and clients.
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