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The Narrowway


Take The Way other Marketers Miss

Hey my name’s Gerry Brown, and I’m a Sales/Marketing expert in the Charlotte, NC area. Having been on both sides of the spectrum I have done my homework and can easily analyze what your business needs may be. After working for Larger Marketing companies, I watched as they took advantage of business owners wallets and provided little to no work. It was then that I decided I could take the knowledge I learned from them to help my community.

Narrowway was founded on the concept of dedicating quality over broken promises to your business. We aim to make your life easier, we are a marketing company who you don’t have to look over your shoulder to check on progress. Any campaign created for you is developed specifically for your business design.

We have worked with the smallest start up business, to other well established Companies. Whatever your vertical is we can provide proven results for you, from Contractors to Real Estate Agents we know what works. We are only able to provide month to month contracts because when our clients sign up with us we are able to re-earn their business consecutively every month.


Increase Sales

Our Team of advertising specialists have a ton of experience developing a diverse range of ad campaigns across multiple web-based platforms. GROW Your Audience. We know what platforms work best across various verticals and are able to provide specialized market strategy suggestions through consulting with your business.

Build loyalty & Trust

You’ll receive personalized help and services for your business and will be able to receive valuable answers to any and all questions for your new


Social Media Strategy

Each audience deserves electronic communication that reflects their mental attitude and matches the platform they’re on. It all starts with a sound social media strategy.

“At Narrowway Marketing, our focus is on YOU… We develop your brand, help you gain lead conversions, and grow the vision of your business. Through split testing, campaign budget optimization, data analyzation, and client connection, we take you down the narrowway and help you reach your goals.”


      -Gerry Brown

City Traffic

As much as we want to believe people still read phone book ads times have changed a lot. Users on Social media are some of the most engaged people on the internet today, but they’re also inundated with endless clutter and options day in and day out. The ideal use of social media isn’t as a microphone to address the world. Social media should be a conversation that not only gives your audience more immediate and personal responses to their questions and issues, but also a place to let them celebrate your brand.

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